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Local Producer/Casting


short films

Acting Coach, Stunt Coordinator, Consutant




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Location Manager

​   khetphet "KP" PHAGNASAY


feature films

Location Managaer




In addition to his work in film and production, KP Phagnasay has also been involved in the 168 Film Festival. The film "IMPOSSIBLE," in which he was involved, received 9 nominations at the festival and was featured on the Best of the 168 Film Festival DVD. He has also worked on the award-winning feature film "Street of Hope" (2014) as an Acting Coach, Consultant, and Actor. KP has served as an Associate Producer and Stunt Coordinator for the short independent film "Cross" (2010) and has been involved in casting and coordinating for the feature film "Biohazard (Zombie Apocalypse)" (2011). He has worked as a Stunt Coordinator on various films, including "Showboys" (2011), "Contender," "Underclassmen: Lee Roy Soames and the Drama Boy" (2013), "The Recording," "Uprising," and more, many of which have won awards at different film festivals.

KP has also worked as an independent producer for Wal-Mart commercials in the Central Valley and his documentary "Face of Cancers" has been featured on local PBS channels. He is involved in various aspects of production in different positions and works with talent management agencies, production teams, and studios in development. KP provides consultation and development services for web and feature film projects such as "Peppersteps," "Little Buddy," "Valley of the Kids" (Web-series), "2nd Shot at Glory," and is a producer for "The Operator" (TV pilot). He has also worked on several music videos for various artists and commercials.